Emergency Services

Township of Washington

Emergency Services

Ambulance Corps.

Your Volunteer Ambulance Corps is comprised of dedicated volunteer members
at least 17 years of age, and trained as Emergency Medical Technician (EMTs)
as well as in many lifesaving skills.  We are a completely non-profit
organization, independent from the municipality, and totally dependent on
contributions from the Town and its residents; our services are FREE.

 We are your neighbors, volunteering our time and services, to our
community, and we are always in need of  YOUR HELP.

We are the primary  Emergency Medical Service (EMS) System for this
Township.  We respond to emergency medical situations, administer
life-saving EMS to, stabilize patients, and transport to an appropriate
medical facility.  As an organization, we also perform non-emergency
transportations from home to hospital, hospital to home, and between home
and other medical facilities.  We have an active Equipment Loan committee
which lends residents canes, crutches, wheel chairs, hospital beds and other
medical equipment:  we provide EMS training for Township residents.  We also
participate in a very active local Mutual – Aid System wherein one Volunteer
Ambulance Corps covers for another, provides additional ambulances where
needed, and insures that no Town is without emergency medical service