DPW Info

Township of Washington


Glass, Plastic, Steel Cans, Aluminum Beverage Cans and Paper: Glass, aluminum beverage cans, plastic and tin cans will be collected curbside co-mingled (mixed). This means that all colors of glass (white, brown, green), aluminum beverage containers, steel cans, and plastic containers can be placed in the same receptacle for collection according to your section on the map. Newspapers and magazine, junk mail and corrugated cardboard will be collected curbside in either brown paper bags or tied twice in 12 inch high bundles (no plastic bags). EFFECTIVE FRIDAY, APRIL 2, 2004 Pascack Road and all areas east and north of Ridgewood Road will be collected on the first (1st) and third (3rd) Friday.  All areas west of Pascack Road and south of Ridgewood Road will be collected on the second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Fridays.  There will be no recycling collection on any fifth (5th) Friday. 
– OCTOBER – During the first full week of the month, DMF crews make a household debris pickup in each zone in accordance with the calendar.   Everything except regular household garbage, white goods, metal goods, and construction debris is picked up. The ground rules are: 1.      Call for appointment 201-664-3268 for pickup of white goods.2.      Refrigerators, freezers, dryers, etc. must have their doors removed.3.      Grass placed in containers (no bags) will be picked up weekly as per schedule according to your zone.4.      Debris Drop-Off – Anything that is eligible for pickup can be dropped off by residents at the DMF yard on Hudson Ave.  Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Debris schedules shall be mailed to each household.  Identification stickers, available from Township Clerk’s office, must be affixed to vehicles for debris drop off at DMF yard.  Branches must be cut to no longer than 4’ lengths and tied.