Township of Washington


The Township of Washington has a garbage pick-up wherein the resident privately contracts with a hauling company. We use a rear yard system where you pay by the bag. This means that you contract with a hauler for either once a week or twice a week pickup. You pay a quarterly fee (currently prices vary from $35.00 to $58.00 per quarter). This fee is to have him come to your house on the scheduled basis. You also pay a per bag fee (this fee is currently the same for all haulers working in Town, $0.50 per small (15 gallon) bag and $1.00 per large (30 gallon) bag. The per bag fee covers the State mandated dumping fees. Bags are available at A&P or Kings.

Haulers currently working in Town are:
Buldo  (purple bags) 201-666-8361
Waste Management (blue bags) 201-664-6010
Ippolito (yellow bags) 201-569-9070

Most residents leave  their garbage can in the side or rear yard for the hauler to come and get. We discourage you from leaving the can at the curb as it can be both unsightly and dangerous if the cans blow or roll into the street.

Any questions, please call the Township Administrator, Agnes Smith 201-664-4404