Worker Tips: Progressing in the Asphalt Paving Industry

It is something we are asked about all the time. “I just started my first job an an asphalt paving company in Washington DC. How should I progress my career?” The first thing we have to note is that if you are thinking along those lines, you are already on the right track.

Far too many people assume that if you are working in construction or the asphalt industry, you will be doing the same job for decades. If you have no ambition and you are happy to stay in the same position, you might. But if you are willing to learn, adapt and take a few risks, there is a bright future ahead for you.

There Will Always Be Work

As our society evolves and technology becomes more prominent, some jobs will be less in demand than right now. But construction is not one of those industries. Even if tech does arrive to help at construction sites, workers will be needed. The majority of tasks will be done by workers, because construction sites are such unpredictable, haphazard places.

Workers should know this, because it means they can start building a career in this industry without worrying about being out of a job two decades later. Now we come to the interesting part.

Working Your Way Up

When you start in this industry, you naturally have less experience. An asphalt paving company in Washington DC would probably offer you a part time position. They will give you the worst hours too. You will have to accept it. You must work your way up.

But you must also be willing to move on when necessary. If you have spent six months at a driveway paving contractor in Washington DC and you do not feel your career is progressing, find another job. You have experience now. You probably have contacts in the industry too. Use those connections and get a better position.

A willingness to move on is needed in this industry. Rarely do people spend five to ten years at the same company in the asphalt industry and get better jobs or pay. You will have to move to new projects, new contractors and maybe even new areas. It is all about seeing where the best opportunities are located and grabbing onto them.