It is a common statement that you will hear with regards to the construction industry. Many people speak about it when they refer to asphalt paving companies too. There is a shortage of workers and companies will have to do something about it. I am sure you have heard that statement too. But is it even true? Does the average asphalt paving company in Washington DC have a hard time finding workers? And if so, why is it happening?

Some Truth to the Statement

The first thing to know is that there is some truth to the statement. Yes, it can feel like there is a shortage of workers for asphalt paving contractors in Washington DC. There are many positions where companies are failing to recruit the full time employees they want. They even have a hard time finding part time candidates in some cases. But the reasons are a lot different than most would assume.

It is Not About Workers

People assume the worker shortage is about the workers themselves. But it is not. The reason why there is a worker shortage is not because people do not want to work in these industries. That is the misconception we hear the most. People are too spoiled to work for a driveway paving contractor in Washington DC. They want a more comfortable job. It is not true.

The reason why there is a worker shortage is because companies are not doing enough to attract them. When you are struggling to hire people, it is because you are not offering them enough. It is simple economics. If the offering from companies for part and full-time jobs was attractive, there would be no shortage of workers at all. In fact, people would be desperate to get those jobs.

Too Little Pay and Training

Most workers in the DC area will tell you about the lack of pay and training. It is the complaint we hear the most on workers’ forums regarding asphalt paving contractors in Washington DC. They expect certain work done, but they want to pay the minimum wage in most cases. And they also expect workers to pick up skills on their own time.

If an asphalt paving company in Washington DC is worried about the amount of people they will be able to hire in the coming years, they should look inward. Start offering better salaries, offer more training and ensure that workers feel valued. When someone has a workers’ comp case, ensure they are treated properly. When companies start doing the right things, they will have no issues getting the work they need.

The asphalt paving industry is a great place to work – provided the pay is good. These companies can offer stability and long-term employment to their employees. But they have to ensure the employees feel they are getting enough in return for their time.

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