There is a street in Los Angeles that perfectly exhibits the difference between asphalt and concrete. A lot of people are asking about the material that is best for their home driveways. And despite insistence from asphalt paving contractors in Washington DC, they still want to go with concrete. The next time you have this type of customer, talk with them about the street in LA that is managed by two different districts.

The street has half of it managed by Beverly Hills, while the other half is managed by Los Angeles. And the result is a street that literally looks like two different streets down the middle. It is quite an incredible sight that you have to see to believe. But the pictures online do it justice too.

Half Asphalt, Half Concrete

The reason why there is such a disparity is because half of the street is asphalt, while the other half is concrete. And as most driveway paving contractors in Washington DC would predict, the half that is concrete is a mess. There are cracks everywhere, it looks as though it is decades old, and it is falling apart. The other side is asphalt and it looks fantastic.

It is not about the quality of the construction projects. It is not about the weather or environment. These are two halves of the same street, after all. It is a simple matter of one district choosing asphalt, while the other chose concrete. And it is something that every customer needs to understand. It is up to asphalt paving contractors in Washington DC to tell their customers about this disparity.

Asphalt Lasts Longer and Looks Better

We always hear about how concrete can last a decade longer than asphalt. But at what cost? Concrete might stay maintenance free for longer, but it will look terrible within half that time. The cracks start to get deeper. Even if they are fixed, they look more like patches on the road, because their color is a lot different. Concrete will degrade fairly quickly. And repairing it is an expensive undertaking.

If customers want something that will give them better longevity and performance, they need to go with asphalt. And the best part is that it is cheaper. Yes, you can tell your customers that. When they go with asphalt, they will save money in the short term and the long term. Whenever they need repairs, it is cheap and easy to get done. Even if there is a crack in asphalt, it can be repaired easily. And the area ends up looking just like the rest of the driveway. That is just not possible with concrete.

The Most Sensible Option

While high end customers can still go with stone pavers, it is not in most people’s budget. And that is why companies must tell customers about what they can get with asphalt. They will have a beautiful driveway that is going to last many years. They can get yearly maintenance for spare change, which will ensure the driveway still looks stunning one or two decades later.

Asphalt is the winning combination. If anyone has doubts, they should look at the stretch of road that is split between Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.