About Us

Do you work for an asphalt paving company in Washington DC? Those in the DC area who work for such companies have always talked about a lack of online representation. There are so many sites dedicated to the construction industry. Many asphalt magazines exist too. But there are far too few communities for asphalt workers. And that is what we wanted to correct. We created a site and forum that asphalt workers in the DC area can use anytime they want.

We try to get the word out regarding our site. When you are at a work site and you get some time off, you may want to tell your co-workers about our site. Word of mouth is a big reason why our site has gotten so many more readers in the past couple years. People in the DC area know about the site and what we have to offer – but we always want more people to learn about our asphalt workers community.

Those who work for asphalt paving contractors in Washington DC have many unique and shared experiences. Our community is a way for everyone to come together. We have news and tips section that are relevant to workers. Unlike other sites, we do not focus on broad issues that impact asphalt paving companies in the DC area. We prefer to focus on the issues facing the average asphalt worker.

Another section of our site that is very popular is the forum. We are very proud of our forum, because it is an unfiltered way for people to enjoy our content. We want our readers to not only check out the articles, tips and profiles that are on the site, but we want you to talk about them. Each time we post a new article, we create a topic in the forum where everyone can comment freely.